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A Celebrationem - Wedding Booklet

Posted: 2017-10-31 21:42


I was recently commissioned to print and bind a Father’s Wedding Speech. The speech verbatim, with illustrations, was reproduced from the clients supplied PDF Files to my own Laptop; and then colour/monochrome printed from my Canon MX525 Office Printer.

Forwarded as a 28pp ‘ single section ‘, sewn Booklet finished with a Flush Cover. The text was printed onto Cream Laid Conqueror 100gsm Paper. A laminated card cover substrate, lined on the outside with Winter & Company ‘ Sanigal ‘ Sivertex cover material. The inner pastesheet side of the cover was lined with Duck Egg Blue stationery card. A 4pp section wraparound formed both the single flyleaf endpaper at the front and rear of the text block. The text and cover were hand sewn together using 3ply Silver Metallic Thread through 3 pre- formed holes through the centrefolds of the Text Block, Endpaper and Cover; all bound with a securing knot at the centre of the book block.

The ‘ happy couple ‘ featured as the booklet’s centrefold illustration.

The title wording in 36pt Castella Caps and 24pt Bembo Caps font was centred onto the front cover, and blocked in Silver Foil. The decorative device was hand tooled using Renaissance Gold Foil.

Front endpaper pastesheet and free flyleaf.

Opening Text Page.

An illustration of Johannes Blaeu's, ' Vectis Insula, Anglice ', 1648 map of the Isle of Wight centred on a recto page toward the rear of the text block.

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