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James Ist Prayer Books

Posted: 2016-09-10 17:51


Recently repaired were two rarely seen 17c. regal Prayer Books belonging to the Fairfax Collection. The work involved some minor in-situ repairs, and also due to the presence of some pervasive mould staining, the replacement of the endpapers belonging to the 1619 edition. The covers were in various states of disrepair, ranging from frayed and loose, metal threads to complete missing elements of the Stump Work detail. My brief from the owner was not to treat the covers as this would be undertaken by specialist embroidery conservators at a later date.

The commission included the standard construction of two archival Drop Back Boxes. Each book was also wrapped in Acid Free Tissue to aid the long term preservation of the valuable bindings.


Overtime the breakdown of the adhesive qualities of the original organic based glues caused the edges of the endpaper pastesheet to lift. As depicted above and below.




The 1617 Prayer Book front cover clearly showing the missing elements from the Royal Coat of Arms.


The 1619 edition boxed. The Royal insignia although faded is still intact.


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