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Bembridge Parish Council Minute Books

Posted: 2015-10-06 08:50, Edited: 2015-10-06 07:50


Under the ' Links ' heading of this website one can find the a link to the Bembridge Parish Council website. ' Click - on ' the News Tab for their publicity on the repair and rebinding of the Parish Council Minute Books archive.

The damaged and degraded condition prior to repair. Sadly, their condition was such the books could not be easily consulted without the risk of causing further weakening of their composition.

One of the Ledger style books at the ' Pulling ' stage of the original sewing structure.

On completion fully rebound as a Compensating Guard Book in the Library style. Covered in full with non-scuff, durable Navy OLB Buckram Cloth. Finished with Headbands and gilt Title spine labels for ease of shelf reference.

The single leaf, typescript minutes sheets ' tipped-on , the compensating guards in a Fasicule mount presentation. This method of sheet mounting keeps to a minimum the handling of the original document as the turning of the page is achieved by the lifting of the underlying support sheet.

Isle of Wight County Press Article published 9th October, 2015:

James Flavell
6th October, 2015

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