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Harry Potter - Such Wizardry, is it all Gloom and Doom ?

Posted: 2013-08-21 08:11, Edited: 2013-08-21 07:11


I was given a ' Daily Telegraph ' paper cutting recently. A matter of good parenting perhaps, but I think the contributor; who is anonymous to me, does raise some interesting points:

'' I always thought the most wonderful thing about J.K. Rowling and her Harry Potter books was the positive effects they had on millions of children (including my own), taking them away from computer screens and encouraging them to read printed books. So her new endorsement of an interactive Harry Potter website breaks my heart.

Rowling has contributed 18,000 words of new material to the website, which launches the Harry Potter series in e-book format. She might protest that there is no difference, but, for me the added magic of her books was the way they made old media - books, quill pens, ink and vellum - cool. For children whose lives are dominated by television, mobile phones iTunes and social networking, the Harry Potter effect has been fantastic. Yes, our children should keep pace with technological advances, but the past two decades threaten to wipe out the ancient practices of communicating with natural materials. It's not fogyish to admit that I like to see childen turning pages made of paper, and the books, re-read and dog-eared, lying by their beds in the morning. You can use a book to read yourself to sleep, whereas a back-lit screen is only stimulating. Good books are like bogs; once you are in them you are completely absorbed. The feel of paper is sensuous. In comparison, the touch of an iPad can only be sterile ''.

Date of article publication unknown.

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