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Posted: 2012-01-15 11:40

The books I am working on at present are two late Edwardian/George V Common Place Albums covering the period of the 1914/18 Great War. They are both in a very poor condition and each are currently under interventive treatment on their fragile goatskin leather covers. The text blocks have been uniquely hand inscribed and illustrated with personal reflections and sketches which hold a special sentimental value for the owner. http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2192.JPGhttp://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2194.JPGhttp://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2189.JPGhttp://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2173.JPGhttp://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2205.JPG[img

Illuminations: The Private Lives....

Posted: 2012-01-13 21:22

T.V., I-Player...it is your choice - but if you can find the time to catch the current BBC 4 series, '' Illuminations: The Private Lives of Medieval Kings '', a thoroughly absorbing presentation by Dr. Janina Ramirez, then I advise you should. The influence of these magnificent works of art is really something to behold. Enjoy.




Posted: 2012-01-13 21:03

At long last I have got over the technical hitches in setting up this Blog to receive my posts.
My thanks to the team at Webworks and their infinite patience. Welcome one and all......:)
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