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Charles Dickens Bi-Centenary 2012

Posted: 2012-02-05 20:32

With the numerous events taking place this year to celebrate the birth of the eponymous author, it is probably an opportune time to seek out some ' Dickensiana ' in the salerooms. Appealing to the discerning collector would be a 1837 8vo, gilt decorated First Edition in Book Form of the classic, '' The Posthumous Papers of the Pickwick Club ''. A modern reproduction in the ' Cosway-style ' bound in brown morocco, with an inlaid oval portrait of the author on the front green leather doublure and presented in a velvet lined, custom made box could reasonably expect an estimate of 2,000 - 3,000. I hasten to add....this particular Lot would certainly be a wise investment. I have posted some pictures under Images for your appreciation: http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2787(1).JPGhttp://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2788(1).JPG

The Finest Craftsmanship......

Posted: 2012-02-02 11:14

Under ' Images ' I have posted some photographs of bookbindings which could be considered to be some of the greastest examples of design and hand finishing of their period:

1.) Andre Suares, '' Cirque de l'etoile filante '', with coloured plates by Rouault. Bound by Paul Bonet. 1933.http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2782(1).JPG

Paul Bonet was an outstanding exponent of the modern French School.


2.) '' Greek Testament ''. (1550). The Bibliotheque Nationale, Paris. King Henri II possessed wonderous books. He spared no expense and would command the exclusive services of some the finest craftsman. Gold tooling, strapwork inlays and metal bosses.http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2783(1).JPG


3.) '' The Gospels of St. Luke & St. John ''. A Limoges enamel binding of the late 12 c. from the Heininga Nunnery, Hildesheim, Southern Germany.http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2784(1).JPG

4.) http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2869(1).JPG - '' The Devotional Binder ''.
Richard Allestree, '' The Whole Duty of Man '', R. Norton for Robert Pawlett. 1682. Contemporary red goatskin, tooled in gilt, heightened with black and silver paint. The use of the distinctive large sunflower tool in each corner and at the sides was the reason why Allestree was christened the Devotional Binder. He practiced in London between 1670 - 1685.

5.) http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2870(1).JPG - '' La mode feminine de 1490 a' 1645 ''. Bound by Riviere & Son. Contemporay green morocco ornately tooled in gilt with onlaid red morocco. The covers have oval portrait minatures by Miss C.B. Currie. Paris. c.1920.

6.) '' Jean Grolier de Servier, Viscount d'Aguisy. Some account of his life and of his famous Library ''.
New York, De Vinne Press. 1892. Contemporary brown morocco tooled in gilt, with onlaid morocco strapwork. A Grolier style binding executed by one of America's leading binders of the the time Henry Stikeman. http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF2871(1).JPG

An Isle of Wight Bibliography

Posted: 2012-01-21 23:00

http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF1870(1).JPGThe Island's literary connections are well known of course with such luminaries as Tennyson, Dickens and Swinburne. However, arguably, less well known authors have also been inspired by the allure of the ' Garden Isle '; and their published works are just as desirable to the serious collector. When you are next casually browsing the ' Local History Section ' of your nearest antiquarian bookshop,....(yes - I know you can also search 'on-line' ),... you may well come across any number of the following historical, illustrated gems:

ADAMS, W.H. DAVENPORT - The History, Topography and
Antiquities of the Isle of
Wight. Ryde. 1851

ALBIN, J. - History of the Isle of Wight.
Newport. 1759

ARNELL, C.J. - Poets of the Isle of Wight.

BARBER, T. - Picturesque Illustration of
the Isle of Wight. London.

BRETTELL, T. - A Topographical & Historical
Guide to the Isle of Wight.
London. 1840

BRANNON, G. - Picture of the Isle of Wight.
Wootton, I.W. 1865

COOKE, W. - A New Picture of the Isle of
Wight. 2nd Edition.
Southampton. 1813

CLARKE, J. - The Delineator or
Description of the Isle of
Wight. 7th Edition. Newport.

DYSON, J.B. - Methodism in the Isle of
Wight. Ventnor. 1865

ELDRIDGE, R.J. - Newport, Isle of Wight in
Bygone Days. Newport. 1952

ENGLEFIELD, SIR HENRY - A Description of the Isle of
Wight. London. 1816

GARLE, H. - A Driving Tour in the Isle of
Wight. 1905

BOULTON - The Royal Yacht Squadron.
London. 1903

HASSELL, J. - Tour of the Isle of Wight.
London. 1790

HILL - Hill's Historical & Commercial
Directory of the Isle of Wight.

JENKINSON, H.I. - A Small Practical Guide to
the Isle of Wight. London.

KOKERITZ, HELGE - The Place-names of the Isle
of the Isle of Wight. Upsalla,
Sweden. 1940

RAYE, CHARLES - A Picturesque Tour Through
the Isle of Wight. London.

ROWE, GEORGE - A Picturesque Illustration of
the Isle of Wight. Cowes.

STONE, PERCY GODDARD - The Architectural Antiquities
of the Isle of Wight. London.
Parts 1 & 2. 1891

WORSLEY, SIR RICHARD - The History of the Isle of
Wight. London. 1781

WYNDHAM, H.P. - A Picture of the Isle of Wight
London. 1793


Happy Hunting !http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF1866(1).JPGBelow are two images of a collector's Dedicated Edition of Sir Henry C. Englefield's , '' A Description of the Principal Picturesque Beauties of the Isle of Wight ''. Published for Payne & Foss, 88 Pall Mall, London in 1816. This copy was refurbished and boxed for the owner.http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF1061.JPGhttp://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF1070(1).JPG


Anatomy of the Book

Posted: 2012-01-17 22:20

To assist with understanding the various terms used in constructing a book, here is an illustration which indicates the terminology used to describe the various components.http://webworksguestbook.co.uk/client/jamesflavell/upload/DSCF1844.JPG
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